With more than 40 years of experience in the design, management, and reporting of large-scale, multi-mode research programs, DRC is a respected leader in the survey industry. We partner with Fortune 500 businesses, federal and state governments, and not-for-profit institutions to capture, collect, and report data that delivers valuable insight to those who need it most. We provide research, technology, process consulting, and complete project administration—in-house, in one integrated process:

  • Survey content design
  • Multi-modal survey administration (paper, web, phone)
  • Printing and distribution
  • Image scanning and processing
  • Project management
  • Incoming call center support
  • Comment coding and processing
  • Data file and database management
  • Reporting

DRC will be a reliable partner in your journey, providing exceptional data capture and reporting capabilities as you execute research projects and gain insights into your population.