Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

DRC is experienced at deploying a variety of employee research initiatives. Our solutions address specific human resource issues—from motivating your workforce to planning for talent needs to conducting 360-degree employee assessments. We offer the following services:

  • Employee satisfaction and engagement surveys and improvement programs
  • 360-degree feedback systems
  • Enhanced group 360-degree reporting
  • Competency gap measurement
  • Action-planning tracking systems
  • Employment lifecycle surveys
  • Pulse surveys
  • Accountability surveys
  • Succession planning metrics support
  • Best practice capture and knowledge management
  • Online leadership coaching support tools

Examples of our capabilities include:

360-Degree Assessment Tools—A 360-degree assessment program provides employees with direct feedback not only from managers or supervisors, but from subordinates and other colleagues as well. DRC designed a 360-degree assessment tool for a multinational corporation that works in dual modes—paper and web—to allow for seamless administration and provide important feedback to the company’s employees.

Strategic Content Design—A successful employee engagement program must be flexible and allow for updates in order to maintain its relevance. For example, for one of our clients, DRC redesigned a longstanding program when the client wanted to measure different employee attributes. These updates ensured that the program continued to reflect the company’s values and strategic priorities.

Valuable Reporting and Feedback—Reporting is a critical piece of employee engagement programs, allowing a company to recognize successes and plan improvements. DRC has developed numerous reporting mechanisms, customized to the requirements of our clients, that provide valuable data and feedback employees can use, such as direct-action planning support for managers and group training needs.