Powerful Reporting Platform

Our comprehensive web-based reporting and analytics platform allows users to quickly create engaging reports, deliver reports via multiple channels, and understand and analyze the data from any device with meaningful, interactive dashboards.

 DRC Reporting is a lightweight yet powerful tool that will allow you to create reports on the fly in just minutes, reach your audience on any device, and analyze results graphically in real-time. Cloud-based reporting allows the ability to get data quickly to your population by automating the process of distributing reports across a variety of channels. DRC’s intuitive search allows users to find what they are looking for regardless of whether the data is in an interactive dashboard or a high-fidelity PDF document. The platform integrates all of these aspects into a single user experience. 

 Our Interactive Reporting and Online Reporting tools allow you to explore your data, create dashboards, filter your results, drill into results, and share insights with your team—helping you understand what happened and why it happened, and turning data into actionable insights that enable quick decision making. DRC’s analytics-rich, real-time reporting tools are readily available to users on any device, allowing stakeholders to receive alerts and stay informed on updates wherever they are. Reports are available on-demand and can also be scheduled to be distributed at a frequency that makes sense for those who need to see the data. 

DRC INSIGHT Reporting Dashboard