Customer Satisfaction

DRC’s customer satisfaction and loyalty research programs produce valuable insights for automotive manufacturers and dealers. We can help you track perceptions of your products and services, identify approaches that foster customer loyalty, and strategize to make improvements in customer satisfaction.


We deliver diverse customer satisfaction and loyalty measurement tools, customized to meet your needs.

Innovative Design

In order to maximize the impact of customer satisfaction research, you need a partner who can identify the link between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. DRC develops innovative research tools to make such connections. In partnership with automotive manufacturers, we implemented a tool that helps automotive manufacturers to connect with their customers.

Sophisticated Reporting Tools

We understand the multiple levels of stakeholders who require access to your data. DRC’s online reporting tool provides customized access for all of those levels. Our platform allows individual dealers to receive reports on their performance, while also providing overall reporting at the manufacturer level.

Ability to Reach Customers Where They Are

DRC engages diverse sample groups to obtain a complete picture of customer satisfaction. We approach each project with the flexibility required to meet individual customer needs.

Customized Survey Printing

Customer satisfaction surveys often ask respondents about a specific product or service experience. DRC is able to print individualized information on each survey to identify the recipient and the product or service in question.