Customer Loyalty

In the auto industry, customer loyalty continues to be among the most elusive aspects of consumer behavior, perhaps because a vehicle is one of the largest and most emotionally loaded of purchases. Loyalty, or actual purchase and service behavior, is affected by a multitude of variables—from customer satisfaction, perceptions of brand image, and intent to repurchase to customer demographics and competitive ranking.

Loyalty focuses on relationships and provides valuable strategic information at the enterprise level.

To understand loyalty is to understand not only customers’ satisfaction with the functional aspects of vehicle purchase and aftersale services, but also perceptions of value and image.

Build Customer Loyalty by Strengthening Customer Relationships

DRC offers a suite of analytic approaches that address the most important loyalty issues affecting automotive manufacturers, including:

  • Overall brand health and the establishment of performance metrics
  • Understanding how customers perceive and value different elements of the products and services
  • Linkage between the elements
  • Identification, description, and valuation of loyalty segments
  • Strategies for strengthening customer relationships

Ultimately, automotive companies have three opportunities for strengthening customer relationships. A well-designed loyalty program must answer the following questions:

  • How can we improve the customer experience? What changes can be made to the product, service, or process?
  • How should we engage customers? What’s important in positioning and communication?
  • How should we treat customers? How can we provide better service?

Gather Insights at Every Level of Your Organization

DRC provides customer loyalty insights that drive and shape day-to-day decision-making. We ensure that every level of the organization, from an individual dealer to senior management, has the necessary information to understand what customers are feeling and saying about their experience. Our enterprise reporting platform ensures access to data and reports at any time, allowing for corrective action.