Solicted Customer Feedback

The Solicited Customer Feedback research initiatives conducted by DRC yield invaluable insights for automotive manufacturers and dealerships. Our programs specialize in tracking perceptions surrounding your products and services, pinpointing methods that cultivate customer satisfaction, and formulating strategies aimed at enhancing overall customer loyalty.


We deliver diverse solicited customer measurement tools, customized to meet your needs.

Innovative Design

For customer satisfaction research to have maximum impact, finding a partner capable of linking customer satisfaction, trust, and loyalty is crucial. DRC specializes in developing groundbreaking research tools that establish these connections. Collaborating closely with automotive manufacturers, we have implemented tools that significantly enhance their connection with customers.

Advanced Reporting Solutions

Recognizing the diverse range of stakeholders requiring access to your data, DRC offers an online reporting tool tailored for various levels of access. Our platform enables individual dealers to receive detailed performance reports while delivering comprehensive reporting at the manufacturer level.

Reaching Customers Effectively

DRC actively engages diverse sample groups to acquire a comprehensive understanding of customer satisfaction and trust. Each project is approached with adaptable strategies to precisely meet individual customer requirements while upholding the highest levels of privacy and data security.

Personalized Surveys

In the realm of customer satisfaction surveys targeting specific product or service experiences, DRC excels in the personalization of each printed and web survey. This customization allows for identifying the recipient and the relevant product or service, enhancing the survey's effectiveness.