Unsolicited Customer Reviews

DRC considers Unsolicited Customer Reviews a highly significant element in comprehensively understanding the customer experience. Regrettably, this aspect is frequently disregarded or treated separately, occasionally managed by distinct departments within an OEM's organization, which can hinder a holistic view of the customer experience.


We deliver diverse solicited customer measurement tools, customized to meet your needs.

Revolutionary Design Strategies

Acknowledging that a dealership often comprises distinct, independently operating departments within the organization, DRC recognizes that tasks like soliciting and addressing reviews, reporting, and scoring may also function separately within these units.

Streamlined Automation

Understanding the challenges posed by a bustling dealership where tasks like requesting and responding to reviews might be overlooked, we offer to manage this process seamlessly. Our team ensures timely responses to every review and can promptly escalate critical concerns to the relevant parties within your organization.

Listing Maintenance and Surveillance

DRC commits to regularly monitoring all popular business listings associated with your dealership to ensure they consistently display accurate and current information. We've observed that this seemingly straightforward, yet crucial task is frequently neglected at the local level.

Scoring Mechanism

Employing our expertise, DRC can create a comprehensive "Reputation" score for each dealer and department within the dealership. This approach facilitates easy performance evaluation and trend identification within your organization. Moreover, these scores can also be devised for your competitors, aiding in cross-brand performance measurement.

Comparative Analysis

With your reviews well-managed, DRC extends its services to provide performance metrics on your competitors. This includes a tailored set of competitors for each dealer within your network, enabling insightful competitive analysis.